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Composition and method of use of each optical sight is what

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Optical sight is a large class of crosshairs, to think in hunting through the use of sight and rewarding, we must first clear optical aiming mirror the composition and method of use what each.
An optical sight at least three optical lens group, a is the objective lens group (objective lens), a is correcting lens tube group (company) youtube, and an eyepiece lens group (Onicular lens), may also have other lens group.
Lens group is responsible for collecting light, so when the bigger lens, aimed at the scene in the mirror should be more bright, the eyepiece group responsible for these change the light back to the parallel light, let the eye can focus, creating the largest field of view; and correcting lens tube group is will be objective image by upside down, left and right instead modified in the right direction, and is responsible for the rate adjustment.
The target line is located in the first focus plane of the mirror group at the school, or the second focus plane, and the wind bias adjustment, the adjustment of the high and low, and the magnification loop are used to control the correction mirror tube set of the left and right, high and low, and the position. A high level of sight in the body may have as many as 9 lenses, through the appropriate coating, its transmission rate may exceed 95%.
But even if the transmission rate is not so high, in the view of the bright degree may still higher than naked eye vision brightness, because general lens light collecting area are greater than the eye area.
Using method
[1] rate adjustment, change times sight in the superscript eyepiece barrel with scale, with 2-6 times, usually marked the location of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of these rate, rotating the eyepiece triangulated graph scale positioning alignment corresponding digital scale, but objects at different distances in some rate will blurred vision, so it is not must be triangulation scale accurate calibration in the figures, as long as the thing clearly can.
[2] adjust the knob, is located in the top of the distance compensation knob, located on the right side of the wind deflection knob.
Knob on top of have an arrow marked with "up", is along the arrow direction of rotation impact will be to move, such as five shots, impact point were in the center of the bottom of the cross, you can toward the "up" direction of rotation, and constantly adjust this shot again impact will gradually and cross line horizontal center line of coincidence.
An arrow marked with an "L" along the arrow direction of rotation, the impact will be to make a correction to the left, the same as 5 a group shot, impact partial cross the center line on the right side can rotate to the "L" in the direction of the knob to the right, this impact will gradually cross line vertical line direction to move closer.
Knowing the composition and the use of the optical lens, we are able to use the sight of the target, and get rich prey.

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